5 Ways to make money in real estate

5 Ways to make money in real estate

Real estate is one of the most stable forms of investments especially when compared to stocks. When added to a portfolio it gives it stability as most real estate investments are relatively stable. We at Steezy Homes believe that real estate is one of the best means of being wealthy. That being said, here are 5 ways you can get into real estate and make good money

  1. Agency- A lot of people forget about this. Real estate agency is a very quick way to get into the industry and pocket some cool cash. Some countries require that you have some form certification to be a licensed agent, others don’t but what you will essentially need is good knowledge of the industry and listings in the market and have the ability to communicate clearly, keep your clients abreast with development and be able to network and build relationships. In addition to all these, you will need to be a bit tech savvy in order to deploy effective marketing and sales campaign strategy.

  2. Land lording- Perhaps this is what comes to mind when people think of real estate and property investment. This method of investment is pretty much owning a rental property and letting it out at good prices. This method of investment needs huge capital influx and can be very hands-on as you may be involved in the day to day management. In most instances, you are better off employing a property manager.

  3. Flipping- A flipper is a day trader in stock market terms. These kinds of people look for hot markets, buy an undervalued  property and sell for a profit. Or they buy an undervalued or distressed property and add value to them and put it back in the market. They typically  hold these properties for a short period of time.

  4. REITS- Stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. Their sole aim is to acquire property for their investors and pay an annual dividend of nothing less than 90% of their profit before tax to investors. They are pretty much like dividend paying stocks as they are listed on stock market and tend to be long term cash producing leases

  5. Short term rentals- This is another type of Land lording but it's good to discuss separately. Short term rentals became a big deal with the advent of VRBO and Airbnb. Anyone with a spare room can let it out and earn a decent amount of money. I would say the barrier to entry is low as you don't have to own the property. All you need to do is pay your monthly rent and sublet a space to a tenant at a daily rate. You may need to get clearance from your landlord that you are operating this scheme

So there you have it. Let me know if you found value in the comment section. Let us also know which of the strategies you are going to employ right away


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